Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Snappy Easter...

I am going to say something controversial. Not quite Miley gyrating her flesh coloured granny pants on Robin Thickes crotch at the MTV awards. Not even as shocking as Susanna Reid flashing her pants AGAIN on BBC breakfast (Yeah, yeah I need to stop reading the Daily Mail on the tube...), but pretty damn risque.  

 So here it goes, don't say I didn't warn you. Here goes the revelation that made my mother gasp last weekend...I reckon, hand on heart, that Easter is the most photogenic festival of them all. Yup even beating Christmas. Hands down, with a giant foil wrapped bunny and a six pack of Creme Eggs...

Now, I know the last weekend is about a lot more than pastel flecked chocolate eggs and glistening hot cross buns on a gingham table cloth, but I'm afraid that's just how it is. So, having lived the weekend through the lens of my instagram app, stopping sporadically to gobble down a few (bags of) mini eggs and butter a hot cross bun, I thought I would share a few snaps to back up my slightly strange argument.

Sure, Christmas has fairy lights and flaming Christmas puddings, but, really, nothing quite matches up to big jugs of Daffodils basking in the Spring sunshine, or an embroidered table cloth adorned with summer pudding, lemon cheesecake and my Granny's totally retro (but even more delicious) coffee pudding. Stuffed with layers of rich butter-cream and sponge soaked in coffee liquor, this devilish regular on our dining table is covered in the whitest of cream and a scattering of toasted almonds. Just perfect, and one of the many reasons I love this time of year so bloody much.

But, in all of this chocolate and Easter bunny induced madness, I must not forget the star of my Springtime show. The glorious, one and only Hot Cross Bun. Yup, becoming a baking obsession almost as soon as the Creme Eggs appear on the shelves, this year I finally (and totally) cracked it. Frangranced with cardamom, rich with the almost toffee like flavour of muscavado sugar and flecked with caramelised orange, this recipe is an absolute winner. Glistening, perfectly risen, light buns of joy; just leave off the crosses and hey presto, Easter-time happiness all year round. Instagram won't know what's hit it...

(Recipie to follow, I promise!)


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